UnNamed trail from Nevada City

Up and out Cement Hill

South Yuba


Up Jones Bar Road
Up New Town Road
Up Champion Road
Up Old Downieville Highway
Back to Nevada City

14.49 Miles
1789 Feet Climbing
2:01 Hours
2154 Calories
138 Average HR
181 Max HR

On singlespeed accompanied by two single and twenty-nine engineers. GPS was acting up for first part of ride and didn't pick it up. Cold and clear night. Descent trail is in best shape i've ever seen it in.


Big Ass CX Ride

Up Cement Hill
Across Wet Hill Ditch
Across Airport Ditch
Up Lake Vera Purdon Road
Across Rock Creek Road
Down North Bloomfield -Graniteville Road
Up and down Relief Hill Road
Up Washington Road
Down Pioneer Trail

49.54 Miles
6442 Feet Climbing
5:29 Hours
5330 Calories
143 Average HR
177 Max HR

Long solo ride on the cyclocross bike. Cool, dry weather. Saw lots of motos on Relief Hill Road.


Pioneer Trail ride on the Tandem

Parked at Harmony Ridge Estates.
Up lower Pioneer to Harmony Ridge Market.
Up South Side Pioneer Trail.
Cross Hwy 20 at Conservation Camp Road.
Up Pioneer Trail.
Down Pioneer Trail to Harmony Ridge Market.
Down Lower Pioneer back to car.

10.35 Miles
718 Feet Climbing
1:15 Hours

Mostly singletrack, some double track. The last 1/2 hour was in the dark with my Light & Motion Li-ion Arc to light the way. Cool weather ride, great fun and excellent company!


Sacramento Cyclocross Series Event #3

Granite Bay Beach Course.

8.31 Miles
307 Feet Climbing
30:51 Minutes
487 Calories
185 Average HR
195 Max HR

Men's C's. 5th place of 26. Not bad for my 2nd CX race.

Me in the center.


Scotts Drop from Nevada City

Up Uren Street
Up Nevada Street
Across Manzanita Diggins Drive
Up to Snow Mountain Ditch
Across Snow Mountain Ditch
Up Willow Valley Road
Up Pioneer Trail
Down Scott's Drop
Down Scott's Flat Pines Road
Across Scott's Flat Lake Trail
Up Scott's Flat Road
Down Pioneer
Down Miner's
Across Snow Mountain Ditch
Across Manzanita Diggins Drive
Down Nevada Street
Down Uren Street

21.34 Miles
2407 Feet Climbing
2:44 Hours
2340 Calories
132 Average HR
180 Max HR

On geared bike accompanied by SuperGirl, the Teacher & the Milk Lady.


Exploring and CX Ride

Up Cement Hill
Across Wet Hill Ditch
Across Airport Ditch
Up Lake Vera Purdon
Across Rock Creek Road
Up North Bloomfield
Up Nimbus Dam Road
Up Blue Tent Road
Up Cooper Road
Up Conservation Camp Trail
Down Pioneer Trail
Down Willow Valley Road
Down Snow Mountain Ditch

28.22 Miles
3694 Feet Climbing
3:58 Hours
3277 Calories
134 Average HR
183 Max HR

On CX bike accompanied by The Believer. His first ride on a CX bike. Great, warm weather. Found what we were looking for.

Local dirt ride on the tandem

Up Coyote Street
Down Atolia
Across and up Rock Creek
Across BLM Fire Road
Across North Bloomfield
Across Wet Hill Road
Down Cement Hill Road

11.22 Miles
1490 Feet Climbing
1:53 Hours

Tandem ride right from the front door. Mix of pavement, gravel and remote dirt roads. Great fun was had by all. Weather or company couldn't have been better.