Crosstraining: BC XC Skiing at Yuba Gap

Yuba Gap Sno-Park to Yuba Gap Overlook and tried to get to Kelley Lake.

3.42 Miles
785 Feet Climbing
2:42 Hours
1220 Calories
107 Average HR
147 Max HR

Tried to follow directions in Snowhoe book. Spent almost an hour at one intersection and eventually gave up. Windy, wintery day with snow the entire time.


Training Ride - Push

Down Champion Mine
Up Newtown Road
Up Indian Flat Road
Up Cement Hill Road
Across Wet Hill Ditch
Across Airport Ditch
Down Excelsior Ditch Camp Road to Augustine Road
Up Excelsior Ditch Camp Road
Up Lake Vera Purdon Road
Up Atolia Road
Down Coyote Street

14.05 Miles
1665 Feet Climbing
1:32 Hours
1107 Calories
135 Average HR
166 Max HR
Cadence sensor not working!

On the CX bike. Explored Excelsior Ditch Road for access from Airport ditch to Unnamed trail. Cadence sensor not working on Edge 305!


Evening Snowshoe Hike

Out and back loop on the Steep Hollow XC Trail System.

3.5 Miles
268 Feet Climbing
1:42 Hours

Evening snow shoe hike. Full moon was obscured by the clouds, but there was sufficient enough light that we did not need headlamps. Half inch of fresh snow fell while we were out.


Spinning at home - Push - 1 1/2 hours

1:00 Hours
133 Average HR
150 Max HR
69 Average Cadence

On spin bike at home watching Arrested Development.


Night Ride on CX bike

Through Sierra College
Down Ridge Road
Down Little Deer Creek Lane
Up Discovery Way
Over Newtown Road
Along ditch beside Champion Road
Up South Pine Street
Up Zion Street
Down East Main Street
Over Idaho Maryland Road
to work to pick up my belongings and back
Over Idaho Maryland Road
Up East Main Street
Down Zion Street
Down South Pine Street
Up Broad Street

19.95 Miles
1968 Feet Climbing
1:58 Hours
1318 Calories
136 Average HR
172 Max HR
75 Average Cadence

On the CX bikes with Supergirl. Trying to do Spin (90 rpm cadence) but it's really tough around here because of the steep hills. Trails were too muddy to ride mountain bike so we stuck to road and gravel roads.


Commute to work on the CX Bike - Push

Up Boulder Street
Up Rocker Road
Up Banner Mountain Trial
Up Cascade Canal
Up Red Dog Road
Down Banner Lava Cap
Down Idaho Maryland Road

14.93 Miles
1583 Feet Climbing
1:41 Hours
1826 Calories
138 Average HR
183 Max HR
62 Average Cadence

On the CX bike, cadence sensor on GPS unit was acting up, fading in and out for first hour of ride. Lots of foot compacted snow on first part of the Cascade Canal, ran into Bill W. and chatted a bit. Was 31 degrees when I left the house. Dirt roads were very muddy.


Crosstraining: BC XC Skiing on Pioneer Trail

Parked at Highway 20 & Missouri Bar Road
Skied up to White Cloud Campground
and back

3.86 Miles
388 Feet Climbing
2:00 Hours
821 Calories
106 Average HR
124 Max HR

Was able to squeeze this ski in late in the day. Finished in the dark. The snow was crappy, but we still had fun. Whole trip back was in the dark. GPS was acting up as you can see.


Spin Bike - Standing Intervals - 1 1/2 hours

1:30 Hours
136 Average HR
156 Max HR

6 sets of 5 minute standing intervals followed by 5 minutes of sitting.

On spin bike at gym with spin class.


Spin Bike - Push - 1 1/2 hours

1:30 Hours
142 Average HR
162 Max HR
70 Average Cadence

On spin bike at gym with spin class.


Crosstraining: BC XC Skiing at Steep Hollow

Out and back on Last Chance Mine Road
(Steep Hollow XC Trail System)

4.55 Miles
687 Feet Climbing
3:00 Hours
1029 Calories
123 Average HR
158 Max HR

Sure felt like there was more climbing than that and I am surprised that my Max HR was 158. We were the first ones on the trail and I broke trail. Two hours to look out and one hour back. Crazy. I guess I'll have to work harder next time, need to have my Average HR higher.


Standing Intervals long commute to work

Up Boulder Street
Up Rocker Road
Up Banner Mountain Trial
Up Cascade Canal
Up Red Dog Road
Down Banner Lava Cap
Down Idaho Maryland Road
Down Lee Lane
Down Loma Rica Drive
Down Whispering Pines Lane
Down Idaho Maryland

16.72 Miles
1792 Feet Climbing
1:35 Hours
2112 Calories
139 Average HR
171 Max HR
60 Average Cadence

On the CX bike. Did 5 sets of 5 minutes of standing with 5 minutes of rest between. Some snow on the Cascade Canal, one deer on Lee Lane. Clouds from the incoming storm made it darker than normal.


Looking for a low elevation winter CX route

Down Old Downieville Highway
Down Champion Road
Out unknown Ditch Trail
Out Newtown Road
Up Discovery Way
Up Little Deer Creek Lane
Down Ridge Road
Down Rough and Ready Highway
Down Bitney Springs Road
Up Newtown Road
Down Jones Bar Road
Up Yuba Crest Drive
Down Nishinan Gulch Road
Up Highway 49
Up Indian Flat Road
Up Cement Hill Road
Across Cement Hill Ditch
Down North Bloomfield to town

22.44 Miles
2400 Feet Climbing
2:03 Hours
1604 Calories
140 Average HR
171 Max HR
66 Average Cadence

On the CX bike trying to maintain a cadence of 70 rpm. Minimal success in finding good gravel routes. Ditch trails were very muddy, road was wet in many places.