Endurance Training - Super Punisher 2009

Up and down the Tahoe Rim Trail from Spooner Lake to Mr. Toads Wild Ride. Down Mr. Toads via some trails and neighborhoods to downtown South Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Rim Trail:
43.08 Miles
6976 Feet Climbing
7:15 Hours
4821 Calories
144 Average HR
181 Max HR

Bottom of Mr. Toads to South Lake Tahoe:
9.69 Miles
514 Feet Climbing
1:00 Hours
594 Calories
119 Average HR
152 Max HR

52.77 Miles
7490 Feet Climbing
8:15 Hours
5415 Calories

The players: vuduvgn (your host), The Believer, AARP (formerly known as Raphael), Mr. Positive (formerly known as Billiam) and Don Adams.

Low riding in luxury. The Lexus was not designed for this.

AARP & The Believer relax in the hotel the night before.

The Believer and Mr. Positive climbing up from Spooner Summit.

Mr. Positive, The Believer and Don Adams climbing on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

The Believer and Mr. Positive about a mile before arriving at 'The Bench'.

AARP pushing his bike.

AARP checking out the view of Lake Tahoe.

The Believer and Don Adams on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

The Believer and Don Adams on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Left to right: The Believer, Don Adams, AARP, Mr. Positive & vuduvgn; at 'The Bench'.

At the end of a really great section of technical singletrack. Waiting for AARP to arrive.

Pushing across a shortcut at Heavenly Mountain Resort.

It was rideable.

Don Adams on a nice example of Tahoe Rim Trail granite singletrack.

Mr. Positive's rear linkage tried to disassemble itself during the ride. We took it apart and put it back together on the trail. Better that than it coming apart on a fast section of rough singletrack.

Nice view of The Believer above Carson Valley.

Amazingly beautiful section of the Tahoe Rim Trail with the Carson Valley below and east of us. Big drop offs on the side of the trail.

Is that Jobs Sister in the background? We're headed just below that to Star Lake, then up to Freel Pass.

Walking across the stream coming out of Star Lake.

Fresh spring water. Word on the internets is that it takes 2 weeks for Guardia to hit, we should know by this Saturday's Downieville Classic Race...

Don Adams riding up to Freel Pass near a small snow drift.

AARP pushing up to Freel Pass. At this point the temperature was in the mid 80's and we were close to 9000 feet in elevation. My bike felt like it weighed about 50 pounds, not the true 28 pounds...

View of the lake from near Freel Pass.

Don Adams climbing over the snow field at Freel Pass.

AARP descending some really fun decomposing granite singletrack from Freel Pass.

AARP along the Rim Trail just down the hill from Freel Pass. Mr. Positive is behind me fixing a flat.

High point of the days was 9440+/- feet.

Decomosed granite trail. I think this is Armstrong Pass.

AARP, Don Adams, The Believer, & vuduvgn just above Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Waiting for the shuttle vehicle after the ride. The swim felt great!

Another excellent Super Punisher in the books!


Basic V - 4 1/2 Hours - Exploring

Up Boulder Street
Up Red Dog Road
Up Pasquale Road
Along ditch trail next to Pasquale Road
Up Cascade Loop
Up Spanish Lane
Along NID ditch
Up road Google doesn't know the name of
Up Chalk Bluff Road
Down Pioneer Trail
Down Hwy 20
Down Pioneer Trail
Down Willow Valley Road
37.91 Miles
3921 Feet Climbing
4:33 Hours
3251 Calories
127 Average HR
173 Max HR
65 Average Cadence

On the CX bike, accompanied by The Believer. Great exploration ride, have to go back to do some more exploring. Found an amazing waterfall in the middle of nowhere. Also saw two deer, a large turkey fly across the road and soar down into a canyon and a +/-250# black bear.


Basic V - 2 1/2 Hours - Scott's Drop

Up Dieter's Trails
Up Snow Mountain Ditch
Up Willow Valley Road
Up Lone Grave
Down Scott's Drop
Along Scott's Flat Lake trail
Down to Lower Scotts Lake
Up Scott's Flat Dam Road
Up Scott's Flat Road
Down Pioneer Trail
Down Miner's Trail
20.27 Miles
2566 Feet Climbing
2:36 Hours
2040 Calories
123 Average HR
173 Max HR

All of us were on singlespeeds. Tired from weekend of lots of riding and racing. Accompanied by The Believer, Raphael, Trucker and The Teacher.


Basic V - 7 Hours - Tandem Road Ride - Chico Wildflower

Chico to Paradise via Honey Run Road
to Pentz via Pentz Road
to Cherokee via Cherokee Road
to Pentz via Pentz Road
to Durham via Pentz Durham Road
to Chico via Oroville Chico Highway

72.48 Miles
4377 Feet Climbing
7:07 Hours
4321 Calories
122 Average HR
164 Max HR

On the tandem with wifers. Accompanied by Don Adams, The Believer, Supergirl, Raphael and his wife.


2009 Shasta Lemurian

2009 Shasta Lemurian - Long Course
24.26 Miles
4779 Feet Climbing
2:40 Hours
2458 Calories
169 Average Heart Rate
184 Max Heart Rate
72 Average Cadence
(GPS missed the first 1/2 mile or so of race - operator error)

Time: 2:40:22 - 18:41 off leader
7th Place of 26 Finishers


2009 Prairie City Race Series #4

2009 Prairie City Race Series #2
Four laps at Hangtown Moto Trails at the Prairie City OHV Park.
12.97 Miles
1461 Feet Climbing
0:58 Hours
740 Calories
181 Average Heart Rate
191 Max Heart Rate
79 Average Cadence

Lap 1:
3.30 Miles
14:08 Minutes
177 Average Heart Rate
184 Max Heart Rate

Lap 2:
3.34 Miles
15:02 Minutes
180 Average Heart Rate
188 Max Heart Rate

Lap 3:
2.96 Miles
13:33 Minutes
183 Average Heart Rate
189 Max Heart Rate

Lap 4:
3.37 Miles
15:26 Hours
182 Average Heart Rate
191 Max Heart Rate

Breathing issues came back again, but was able to breathe through some of it. Very fun course on the ATV track, some big jumps back there. Almost had a high speed crash on the last lap coming down the big hill towards the pond. During the pre-ride and first lap the course was pretty slippery, but as riders came through it got cleaned up and much faster, more grippy. Bike performed flawlessly, it wants to go faster than I do...

13th of 20 racers in 35-49 Expert Men.


Basic V - 2 Hours - Pioneer Trail

Up Pioneer Trail
Up Burlington Ridge Road
Along Hallelujah Connector Trail
Down and Up Hallelujah
Down Pioneer Trail
13.33 Miles
1584 Feet Climbing
2:06 Hours
1512 Calories
130 Average HR
189 Max HR
65 Average Cadence

On the Anthem X0. Accompanied by The Believer, Trucker, Raphael, The Allman Brother, Billiam, The Perpetually Injured One and The Puker. Interesting ride: 2 pretty serious crashes, 2 flat tires, 2 broken spokes and 1 rider lost for about 15 minutes. Trail in good shape, a little snow on lower Hallelujah, lots of debris on Pioneer and Hallelujah.