On Bike Strength - Spaulding Lake Trail

Spaulding Lake Trail

10.56 Miles
1711 Feet Climbing
2:30 Hours
1382 Calories
139 Average HR
178 Max HR

One the new Giant Trance X1. 9 of us out there. Finished before dark. Young kids from the shop rode with us and showed us how to ride the granite. Very impressive. A very fun ride.


Surges - 8 total

Up West Broad Street
Up Cement Hill
Across Wet Hill Ditch
Across Airport Ditch
Up Lake Vera Road
Down Rock Creek Road
Down Rector Road
Up Round Mountain Flume Trial
Down Hudson Way
Down Rock Creek RoadUp North Bloomfield Road
Down Coyote Street
16.51 Miles
1802 Feet Climbing
1:33 Hours
1528 Calories
129 Average HR
176 Max HR
71 Cadence Average

On XC bike. Second attempt at surges. This route was not all that great for it as well. Did best I could considering the terrain keeps changing grade.