On Bike Strength - 3 mins @ 50 rpm - 2 Hours

Down Old Downieville Highway
Down Champion Mine Road
Down Champion Ditch
Up Champion Mine Road
Up Gracie Road
Up Banner Mountain Trail
Up Banner Lava Cap
Down Red Dog Road
Up Red Dog Road
Down Banner Lava Cap
Down Idaho Maryland
(I omitted the little spurs I used)

Data showing Elevation and Cadence

Data showing Elevation and Heart Rate

22.93 Miles
2072 Feet Climbing
2:05 Hours
1947 Calories
131 Average HR
177 Max HR
67 Cadence Average

On the cyclocross bike. Did 8 sets of the reps.


Recovery - 1 Hour - On Spin Bike at Home

1:00 Hour
127 Average HR
156 Max HR
83 Average Cadence

Post race recovery spin. Accompanied by wifers while we watched finale of the Milano - San Remo race.


Race - Prairie City Race #1

11.86 Miles
958 Feet Climbing
48 Minutes
683 Calories
183 Average HR
192 Max HR

I ended up doing this race on the singlespeed because I thought it was going to rain. It didn't rain, but I did have an awesome race. Felt great through the race, didn't lose too many places on the flats and passed tons of people on the climbs and descents. This was a great singlespeed course. There were over 500 people racing, it was kinda like racing in downtown traffic. That part sucked. I'm #63.

Still waiting for results to be posted.


Push Basic IV - 2 1/4 Hours - Pioneer, Rock Creek Nature Trail

Up Uren Street
Up Snow Mountain Ditch
Up Willow Valley Road
Up Pioneer Trail
Down to the Rock Creek Nature Trail
Up Conservation Road Trail
Down Pioneer Trail
Down Miner's Trail
Down Uren Street

17.55 Miles
2133 Feet Climbing
2:13 Hours
1924 Calories
140 Average HR
176 Max HR

On the singlespeed. Accompanied by The Believer, George Lucas, Trucker and TFNG. Ran into Orion and he showed us some huge new jumps he's building on Pioneer. Awesome!