Basic III - 3 Hours - Aliso & Woods Canyons

From Aliso & Woods Canyons Wilderness Park
Up Rubber Ridge Trail
Up Vista Trail
Down Stair Steps Trail
Up Willow Canyon Road
Up Bommer Ridge Road
Down Pacific Ridge Trail
Up Deer Canyon Trail
Down Rattlesnake Trail
Down West Cut Across
Up I Think I Can
Up Moro Ridge
Down Bommer Ridge Road
Down Old Emerald Trail
Up Emerald Canyon Road
Down Bommer Ridge Road
Down Big Bend Trail
Along Stagecoach Springs South
Up Stair Steps Trial (!!!)
Down Rock-It Trail
Up Woods Canyon Trail

24.08 Miles
4416 Feet Climbing
2:52 Hours
2235 Calories
152 Average HR
191 Max HR

On the Felt Nine Solo singlespeed. Warm weather, green grass and lots of climbing. Great ride.


Basic I - 1 Hour - Aliso & Wood Canyons

Down Aliso Canyon Creek
Up Wood Canyon Trail
Up Cholla Trail
Up West Ridge Trail
Down Rock-It Trail
Down Wood Canyon Trail
Up Aliso Canyon Creek
10.56 Miles
1079 Feet Climbing
1:01 Hours
681 Calories
141 Average HR
190 Max HR

On the Felt Nine Solo singlespeed. Broke one plate on my chain about half way in the ride. Had to cut the ride short to go buy a new chain.


Basic III - 2 1/4 Hours - UnNamed Trail

Up Cement Hill
Across Wet Hill Ditch
Across Airport Ditch
Down Excelsior Ditch Camp Road

South Yuba


Down JB Trail
Up Jones Bar Road
Up New Town Road
Up Champion Road Ditch
Up Champion Road
Up Old Downieville Highway
Back to Nevada City
20.51 Miles
1924 Feet Climbing
2:17 Hours
1748 Calories
120 Average HR
159 Max HR

On the singlespeed. Underdressed and lost feeling in my fingertips. Was able to warm my fingers up by the time the ride ended. Accompanied by Raphael


Race - TBF Ice Breaker

19.18 Miles
1771 Feet Climbing
1:31 Hours
1169 Calories
177 Average HR
191 Max HR

First race of 2009. Showed up just to have fun and to remember what it's like to race. It hurts. I raced Expert Class on my Singlespeed. Singlespeed only did two laps and I wanted to race longer. First really fast miles on the Felt Nine Solo singlespeed. It was great, held corners well, maintained speed well, climbed well and even took a 30" drop by accident well. Lost one place at the finish to a guy that had gears. Lost quite a few places at the start because of the long flat road start and a bottleneck turn. Even if I had gotten a good start position I would have lost it in the long flat road. Great race, had a blast.

Expert Men - 3 Laps
7th Place of 11 Entries
2:28 behind race leader. Pretty damn good for racing a singlespeed agains all geared racers.