Race - TBF Ice Breaker

19.18 Miles
1771 Feet Climbing
1:31 Hours
1169 Calories
177 Average HR
191 Max HR

First race of 2009. Showed up just to have fun and to remember what it's like to race. It hurts. I raced Expert Class on my Singlespeed. Singlespeed only did two laps and I wanted to race longer. First really fast miles on the Felt Nine Solo singlespeed. It was great, held corners well, maintained speed well, climbed well and even took a 30" drop by accident well. Lost one place at the finish to a guy that had gears. Lost quite a few places at the start because of the long flat road start and a bottleneck turn. Even if I had gotten a good start position I would have lost it in the long flat road. Great race, had a blast.

Expert Men - 3 Laps
7th Place of 11 Entries
2:28 behind race leader. Pretty damn good for racing a singlespeed agains all geared racers.

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