Basic III - 3 Hours - Aliso & Woods Canyons

From Aliso & Woods Canyons Wilderness Park
Up Rubber Ridge Trail
Up Vista Trail
Down Stair Steps Trail
Up Willow Canyon Road
Up Bommer Ridge Road
Down Pacific Ridge Trail
Up Deer Canyon Trail
Down Rattlesnake Trail
Down West Cut Across
Up I Think I Can
Up Moro Ridge
Down Bommer Ridge Road
Down Old Emerald Trail
Up Emerald Canyon Road
Down Bommer Ridge Road
Down Big Bend Trail
Along Stagecoach Springs South
Up Stair Steps Trial (!!!)
Down Rock-It Trail
Up Woods Canyon Trail

24.08 Miles
4416 Feet Climbing
2:52 Hours
2235 Calories
152 Average HR
191 Max HR

On the Felt Nine Solo singlespeed. Warm weather, green grass and lots of climbing. Great ride.

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