On Bike Strength - Burlington and Hallelujah

Up Pioneer Trail
Down Burlington Ridge Road
Up some new trail
Down Burlington Ridge Road again
Up some other new trail
Down Canal Spur A Road
Down Towle Mill Loop
Up some unknown road
Down Burlington Ridge Road again
Down Hallelujah Trail
Down Pioneer Trail
18.37 Miles
2072 Feet Climbing
2:27 Hours
2538 Calories
140 Average HR
184 Max HR

On the singlespeed. Accompanied by Raphael, The Believer, Trucker, Billiam and J, J, J. Explored some new trails that haven't been mapped yet. Very dusty. Two flats and one small group of misplaced riders. I got stung by a damned bee.


On Bike Strength - Spaulding Lake Trail

Out and back on the Spaulding Lake Trail.
No data, the Garmin really screwed up the data on this ride.

The Believer coming down.

Superwoman in the woods.

Raphael's chain ring injury.

Raphael rolling into the turn around spot.

Some beautiful tiny flowers. South of the trail in a granite area.

Raphael coming down the last section of trail at the end of the ride.

Billiam riding a granite spine with some air at the end.

Billiam almost cleaning a very techy section of the trail.

Billiam taking a 4' or so rock drop at high speed.

Billiam making this big rock, just a small obstacle. Amazing!

On the Giant Trance X1 accompanied by The Believer, Superwoman, Billiam and Raphael. Great ride and NO SMOKE!


On Bike Strength - Hole in the Ground

Hole in the Ground trail16.44 Miles
2330 Feet Climbing
2:40 Hours
1852 Calories
146 Average HR
175 Max HR

On the Giant Trance X1. Accompanied by Trucker, the Believer, two single and twenty-nine engineers, Laser Cats, Don Adams, Fiatissimo & Billiam. Some really big trees down, but the trail is in great shape. We spent some time playing around on the granite slabs. A great afternoon ride!

Pics from the ride:

Cat Tracker & a single and twenty-nine engineer.

The other single and twenty-nine engineer.

Billiam, the Believer, Cat Tracker and a single and twenty-nine engineer.

Don Adams & Trucker climbing up to the trailhead after crossing under I-80.

Cat Tracker, Fiatissimo and Billiam at the trailhead.

Fiatissimo, a single and twenty-nine engineer, Billiam and Cat Tracker climbing up towards Andesite Peak.

Billiam with Castle Peak in the background.

Don Adams and a single and twenty-nine engineer at the same place.

Trucker, Billiam and a single and twenty-nine engineer at the rest break below Andesite Peak.

The Believer with Castle Peak in the background.

Billiam, Don Adams, Fiatissimo and a single and twenty-nine engineer at the same place.

The Believer having fun on granite using his single speed.

Don Adams having fun on the granite.

Don Adams cleaning the log ride. Very impressive!

Trucker playing on the granite.

Lower Lola Montez lake.


The Believer.

Don Adams.



A single and twenty-nine engineer.

Another single and twenty-nine engineer.


Cat Tracker.

Trucker moving really, really fast.

Ahhh, what a great ride!


On Bike Strength - Ghost Train

Trail formerly known as Ghost Train.
12.71 Miles
1287 Feet Climbing
2:02 Hours
1723 Calories
133 Average HR (this includes hanging out for 25 minutes drinking a beer and chit-chatting)
181 Max HR

On the singlespeed for the first time in months. Accompanied by Trucker, the Believer, Raphael, & Billiam. Lots of new trails since last time I rode up there. Dusty, very dusty. It was great to his some fresh pow-pow, the trail is retarted! We didn't even ride all of the new stuff, we ran out of daylight.