On Bike Strength - Spaulding Lake Trail

Out and back on the Spaulding Lake Trail.
No data, the Garmin really screwed up the data on this ride.

The Believer coming down.

Superwoman in the woods.

Raphael's chain ring injury.

Raphael rolling into the turn around spot.

Some beautiful tiny flowers. South of the trail in a granite area.

Raphael coming down the last section of trail at the end of the ride.

Billiam riding a granite spine with some air at the end.

Billiam almost cleaning a very techy section of the trail.

Billiam taking a 4' or so rock drop at high speed.

Billiam making this big rock, just a small obstacle. Amazing!

On the Giant Trance X1 accompanied by The Believer, Superwoman, Billiam and Raphael. Great ride and NO SMOKE!

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