2009 Prairie City Race Series #4

2009 Prairie City Race Series #2
Four laps at Hangtown Moto Trails at the Prairie City OHV Park.
12.97 Miles
1461 Feet Climbing
0:58 Hours
740 Calories
181 Average Heart Rate
191 Max Heart Rate
79 Average Cadence

Lap 1:
3.30 Miles
14:08 Minutes
177 Average Heart Rate
184 Max Heart Rate

Lap 2:
3.34 Miles
15:02 Minutes
180 Average Heart Rate
188 Max Heart Rate

Lap 3:
2.96 Miles
13:33 Minutes
183 Average Heart Rate
189 Max Heart Rate

Lap 4:
3.37 Miles
15:26 Hours
182 Average Heart Rate
191 Max Heart Rate

Breathing issues came back again, but was able to breathe through some of it. Very fun course on the ATV track, some big jumps back there. Almost had a high speed crash on the last lap coming down the big hill towards the pond. During the pre-ride and first lap the course was pretty slippery, but as riders came through it got cleaned up and much faster, more grippy. Bike performed flawlessly, it wants to go faster than I do...

13th of 20 racers in 35-49 Expert Men.

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