Basic V - 5 1/2 Hours - Pioneer Trail

Up Uren Street
Up Snow Mountain Ditch
Up Willow Valley Road
Up Pioneer Trail
Down Scott's Drop
Along Scott's Flat Lake trail
Across Scott's Flat Dam
Up Dam Road
Up Pasquale Road
Up Cascade Loop
Up Sadie Drive
Up Lake Lane
Up Cascade Canal Ditch Road
Down Blue Gravel Road
Up Blue Gravel Road
Up Burlington Ride Road
Up Unknown Trail
Down Hallelujah Trail
Down Pioneer Trail
Down Unknown Trail
Up Rock Creek Road
Down Pioneer Trail
Down Miner's Trail
Down Snow Mountain Ditch

Yellow Route in Map Above

12.79 Miles
1873 Feet Climbing
1:46 Hours
1762 Calories
142 Average HR
172 Max HR

Pink Route in Map Above

24.94 Miles
2894 Feet Climbing
3:24 Hours
2474 Calories
139 Average HR
178 Max HR

Entire Ride Totals:
37.73 Miles
4767 Feet Climbing
4:10 Hours
4236 Calories

This was an exploratory route. Google Earth finally worked on this one, however there was quite a bit of tresspassing done to make it happen. The nice fella that lives on Blue Gravel Road let us through his property and even gave us directions. I don't advise trying this route as it has many No Trespassing signs and gates. We were lucky this guy was home and his gate was open. All and all a good ride, but doubt I'd do it again. Accompanied by Trucker, Tin Foil Hat Man, Chuckwagon and Raphael.

The deer were out in force this day.

Climbing early in the morning up Dieter's Trail.

On the Snow Mountain Ditch very early in the day.

Trucker climbing up Willow Valley.

Raphael riding over a log on Scott's Drop.

Tin Foil Hat Man and Raphael on the NID road.

Trucker on the NID Road.

Chuckwagon riding across a pile of snow on the Hallelujah Trail.

Raphael on Miner's.

Chuckwagon on Miner's.

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