Hard MTB Intervals - 2 1/2 Hours

Up Sutton Way
Across Plaza Drive
Up Brunswick Road
Along trail next to Brunswick Road
Up Mike's Trail
To canal and up unknown trail
Down Madrone Forest Drive
Up Idaho Maryland Road
Up Banner Lava Cap Road
Up Banner Quaker Hill Road
Down Quaker Hill Cross Road looking for Chuckwalla Drive (doesn't exist)
Down Banner Quaker Hill Road
Down Pasquale Road
Down trail to Scotts Flat Lake
Down and up Dam Road
Down trail to Lower Scotts Flat Lake
Up Scott's Flat Dam Road
Up Scott's Flat Road
Down Pioneer Trail
Down Miner's Trail
26.63 Miles
2989 Feet Climbing
2:30 Hours
2524 Calories
145 Average HR
184 Max HR

Interval 1:
171 Average HR
183 Max HR
73 Average Cadence

Interval 2:
174 Average HR
184 Max HR
82 Average Cadence

Interval 3:
171 Average HR
179 Max HR
87 Average Cadence

Interval 4:
167 Average HR
176 Max HR
87 Average Cadence

Interval 5:
170 Average HR
178 Max HR
88 Average Cadence

Interval 6:
168 Average HR
181 Max HR
86 Average Cadence

Interval 7:
168 Average HR
176 Max HR
78 Average Cadence

Interval 8:
171 Average HR
182 Max HR
81 Average Cadence

Interval 9:
166 Average HR
175 Max HR
70 Average Cadence

Interval 10:
165 Average HR
174 Max HR
79 Average Cadence

Ten sets of 3 minute intervals with a target range of 173 to 182 with a 6 minute recovery. On new Anthem X0 race bike. Had a hard time getting my HR up on the last few intervals. Breathing was fine, but tired. I think I still hadn't recovered from Saturday's big ride. Accompanied by Don Adams.

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