Looking for a low elevation winter CX route

Down Old Downieville Highway
Down Champion Road
Out unknown Ditch Trail
Out Newtown Road
Up Discovery Way
Up Little Deer Creek Lane
Down Ridge Road
Down Rough and Ready Highway
Down Bitney Springs Road
Up Newtown Road
Down Jones Bar Road
Up Yuba Crest Drive
Down Nishinan Gulch Road
Up Highway 49
Up Indian Flat Road
Up Cement Hill Road
Across Cement Hill Ditch
Down North Bloomfield to town

22.44 Miles
2400 Feet Climbing
2:03 Hours
1604 Calories
140 Average HR
171 Max HR
66 Average Cadence

On the CX bike trying to maintain a cadence of 70 rpm. Minimal success in finding good gravel routes. Ditch trails were very muddy, road was wet in many places.

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