Riding in the Exurbs looking for Hills & Dirt #3

Out Barranca Parkway
Across Culver Drive
Up Mountains to Sea Bike Path
Across Portola Parkway
Up Jamboree Road
Up Santiago Canyon Road
Up Black Star Canyon Road
Back down Black Star Canyon Road
Up Santiago Canyon Road
Down Jamboree Road
Across Portola Parkway
Down Mountains to Sea Bike Trail
To Culver Drive
To Barranca Parkway

40.71 Miles
2122 Feet Climbing
2:56 Hours
2195 Calories
145 Average HR
181 Max HR
85 Average Cadence

On the CX bike trying to maintain a cadence of 90 rpm. Getting better at running a high cadence. Then took the single speed mountain bike out for about 20 miles of Exurban commuting to grab some food and waste time at the fucking mall. Fucking mall! Black Star Canyon Road was quite pretty and a nice dirt path, but had to cut it short to stay under 3 hours of ride time. Coach's orders.

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