Basic V - 2 1/4 hours - Scott's Drop

Up Uren Street
Up Snow Mountain Ditch
Up Willow Valley Road
Up Pioneer Trail
Down Scott's Drop
Along Scott's Flat Lake trail
Down to Lower Scotts Flat Lake Trail
Out and back on Lower Scotts Flat Lake Trail
Up Scott's Flat Dam Road
Up Scott's Flat Road
Down Pioneer Trail
Down Miner's Trail
Down Uren Street

21.6 Miles
2340 Feet Climbing
2:21 Hours
3259 Calories
137 Average HR
182 Max HR
No cadence sensor on singlespeed

On the singlespeed. Things are getting dusty out there. Rode Lower Scott's which is a trail we rarely ride, but is really fun. Still working on making this trail connect to complete a loop. Accompanied by the Believer, Don Adams, Raphael, SuperGirl & Gator. Note: Someone has blocked the new upper section of Miners 2.0. Who has done this and why?

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Anonymous said...

The builder of Miners 2.0 closed it. I nicked named iot the retardation trail...Was this the ride we did yesterday or a different time same trail?
-N8 THE Gr8