Basic V - 3 hours - South Yuba

Up North Bloomfield Road
Up and down the Rim Trail
Down Unknown Trail
Up Relief Hill Road
Down Buck Road
Down Missouri Bar Trail
Down South Yuba Trail
17.71 Miles
2336 Feet Climbing
2:56 Hours
2336 Calories
141 Average HR
185 Max HR

On the singlespeed. Ripcat's birthday ride. Cool and wet, was rained on only during the last 1/4 mile, great timing! First time i've done this loop with a 2:1 gear ratio. It hurt, hurt like hell. Trail is in great shape, thanks Metal Mike for all the work you've done on the trail this year! Accompanied by The Believer, Ripcats, Jennyjo and GT4 Champ.

GT4 Champ & Ripcats.
Daffodil sculpture at Lake City.

The top of North Bloomfield Road at Lake City.

The Believer.

Daffodil sculpture.

Daffodil sculpture.


The Believer.


GT4 Champ.

View of the diggins from the Rim Trail.

View of the diggins from the Rim Trail.

Ripcats & Jennyjo.

GT4 Champ & The Believer walking up a steep climb on the Rim Trail.

Jennyjo on the same climb. Not bad for 5 months preggo!

Jennyjo again on the same climb.

The Believer fixing a flat on Missouri Bar. Ripcats supervising.

Ripcats, GT4 Champ & the Believer on the South Yuba Trail.

Ripcats, GT4 Champ, vuduvgn & the Believer on the South Yuba Trail. Notice it's getting dark.

Ripcats walking a very steep section of trail on the South Yuba Trail at Humbug Creek. Getting darker and darker. Not to worry, we finished in the daylight, but barely.

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