Basic V - 6 hours - South Yuba

Up Cement Hill
Across Wet Hill Ditch
Across Airport Ditch
Down Lake Vera Purdon Road
Up Round Mountain Flume Trail
Down Round Mountain Switchbacks
Up South Yuba Trail
Up North Bloomfield Road
Down North Bloomfield Graniteville Road
Up and down Rim Trail
Down the Vonnegut trail
Down Graniteville Road
Down Missouri Bar Trail
Down South Yuba Trail
Down unknown trail
Down North Bloomfield Road
Up North Bloomfield Road
41.55 Miles
6769 Feet Climbing
5:50 Hours
4490 Calories
149 Average HR
182 Max HR

On the Giant Trance X1. Long ride. Approached it with the intensity of an endurance race. Was cool and dry, great weather on a clear fall day. Trail coming out of the South Yuba campground down to North Bloomfield road needs work. Trail needs benching near the road and the rocky section needs to be eliminated as it is totally unrideable and difficult to hike. Accompanied by Don Adams.

7:00 am start time on a Sunday. ugh.

Sierra Buttes from the Airport Ditch.

Don Adams on the Round Mountain Flume Trail.

Don on the RM Flume Trail again.

Vuduvgn (me) climing a section of the South Yuba Trail below Edwards Crossing.

Same section.

Don on the same section of South Yuba looking downstream, not the trail in the background.

Don making a particularly rocky section of South Yuba look much less scary than it is.

Don pushing up a very steep section of the Rim Trail.

Don on a particularly colorful section of South Yuba below Missouri Bar.

Climbing out of Edwards Crossing.