On Bike Strength - Grouse Ridge

Up Round Lake Trail
Up Sand Ridge Trail
Down Glacier Lake Trail
Down Round Lake Trail
Down Crooked Lakes Trail
Down Lindsey Lakes Trail
Up Grouse Ridge Trail
Down Round Lake Trail

21.10 Miles
3806 Feet Climbing
2370 Calories
143 Average HR
191Max HR

On the Giant Trance X1. Incredible! Trail was in great shape, barely dusty and great traction. Fewer trees down on the Grouse Ridge Trail than I had heard. We ran into maybe a dozen of them and they were not too hard to navigate over or around. Cold and windy day. Accompanied by Billiam.

Billiam coming up the Round Lake Trail.

View of the Sierra Buttes from Sand Ridge.

Vudvgn (me) and Billiam on Sand Ridge.

Glacier Lake.

Billiam on the Grouse Ridge Trail.

Looking North with the sun falling.

Feeley Lake with the moon rising just before sunset.

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