Basic I - 2 1/4 Hours - Scott's Drop

Up Uren Street
Up Snow Mountain Ditch
Up Willow Valley Road
Up Lone Grave
Down Scott's Drop
Along Scott's Flat Lake trail
Down to Lower Scotts Lake
Along Lower Scotts Trail
Hike-a-bike up to old ditch
Down Snow Mountain Ditch
Down Hwy 20
18.9 Miles
1832 Feet Climbing
2:12 Hours
2308 Calories
148 Average HR
179 Max HR

On the singlespeed. Feeling more comfortable with my requirement to clean obstacles once considered difficult. Rode out Snow Mountain Ditch from Lower Scotts Lake, the ENTIRE way. Someone has been clearing the trail and the hike-a-bike is flagged from the Lower Scotts Lake trail. Excellent Day!

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