Basic V - 3 hours - UnNamed trail

From Grass Valley to Nevada City
Up Cement Hill
Across Wet Hill Ditch
Across Airport Ditch
Down Excelsior Ditch Camp Road

South Yuba


Down JB Trail
Up Jones Bar Road
Up New Town Road
Up Champion Road Ditch
Up Champion Road
Up Old Downieville Highway
Back to Nevada City
24.17 Miles
2849 Feet Climbing
3:04 Hours
1838 Calories
138 Average HR
183 Max HR

On the singlespeed. Was able to find the correct way down this time! Trucker took us on a VERY steep descending trail. It WAS awesome! Bill pushed a very hard pace coming up Jones Bar Road. Full moon. Rode up Jones Bar Road without lights, it was magical. Accompanied by Billiam and Trucker.

This is a comparison between this week's ride of the UnNamed Trail (in green) and last week's ride of the UnNamed trail (in orange). Route starts in top left hand corner and goes counter clockwise. You can see at about 8 o'clock on the route the diversion of routes. Orange was last week's mistake, green is this week's correct route. At about 5 o'clock you can see the diversion. This week's route is down the steep JB Trail and last week's route shows the flat trail. At 11 o'clock on the route shows that we took the Champion Road ditch back instead of Champion Road.

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