3 Hilly Moderate Intervals

Up Orchard Street
Up Maidu Avenue
Up North Bloomfield Road
Down Lake Vera Purdon Road
Across the South Yuba River
Up Purdon Road
Down Purdon Road
Back across the South Yuba River
Back up Lake Vera Purdon Road
Up Rector Road
Up Rock Creek Road
Up Atolia Road
Down North Bloomfield Road
Across Wet Hill Ditch
Down Cement Hill Road
Down Broad Street

17.78 Miles
2517 Feet Climbing
1:50 Hours
1464 Calories
140 Average HR
177 Max HR
63 Average Cadence

On the CX bike. Three sets of 17 minute hilly intervals (heart rate from 151-156) followed by 7 minute recoveries. First one was easy due to the steady climb. The following two required more concentration due to the varying grade of the roads. Beautiful day, great weather. Felt good.

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