Basic V - 2 1/2 hours - Round Mountain

Up Cement Hill
Across Red Hill Ditch
Across Airport Ditch
Down Lake Vera Purdon
Up the South Yuba Trail
Up the Round Mountain Trail
Up Trailhead Road
Down Rock Creek Road
Across BLM Fire Road
Up North Bloomfield Road
Down trail behind the Library
20.41 Miles
2668 Feet Climbing
2:32 Hours
2015 Calories
138 Average HR
185 Max HR

On the cyclocross bike. Did a number of cyclocross drills to prep for the upcoming cx season. Rode the Round Mountain loop counter clockwise. Accompanied by The Believer, Don Adams and Raphael.

The sign has been replaced at the top of the Round Mountain Trail.

Raphael getting to the top of the Round Mountain Trail.

Raphael and The Believer rehydrating near the library.

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