On Bike Strength - Round Mountain

Up Hwy 49
Up Cement Hill
Across Red Hill Ditch
Across Airport Ditch
Down Lake Vera Road
Up the Round Mountain Flume Trail
Down Trailhead Road
Down the Round Mountain Switchbacks
Down South Yuba Trail
Up Lake Vera Purdon Road
Up Rector Road
Up Rock Creek Road
Up Atolia Road
Down Coyote Street
Down Hwy 49
15.68 Miles
2350 Feet Climbing
2:06 Hours
1399 Calories
140 Average HR
187 Max HR

On the singlespeed. The orange on the map is trail we rode but the GPS hadn't locked in yet, I traced a previous ride. Tonight was a very hard pace with intervals of sprints thrown in for fun. Five of us were on singlespeeds, two with gears. Accompanied Trucker, Billiam, La Conquistadora, Don Adams, The Believer and Raphael.

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