Sacramento Cyclocross Race #1

8.14 Miles
129 Feet Climbing
31:56 Hour
406 Calories
187 Average HR
193 Max HR

First cyclocross race of the season. I'm going to start racing B's, because, though the race hurt, I didn't feel too bad afterwards, so I need to race for a longer period of time. My bike dismounts are good and my remounts are getting better. On the start of the third lap I was in second place with the leader about 40 seconds out. On the fourth and fifth laps I faded to 6th place. Racecourse was dead flat with barriers in two locations.

Men's C's - 1/2 Hour Race
6th Place of 33 Entries

Battling early in the race.

About half way through the race after pulling away from other racers in a fast flat section.

Finishing. Note the tired fallen shoulders...