Basic IV - 6 Hours - Singlespeed

Up Cement Hill
Across Wet Hill Ditch
Across Airport Ditch
Down Lake Vera Purdon Road
Up Round Mountain Flume Trail
Down Round Mountain Switchbacks
Up South Yuba Trail
Up North Bloomfield Road
Down North Bloomfield Graniteville Road
Up and down Rim Trail
Down the Vonnegut trail
Down Graniteville Road
Down Missouri Bar Trail
Down South Yuba Trail
Down North Bloomfield Road
Up North Bloomfield Road
40.91 Miles
6884 Feet Climbing
6:13 Hours
4011 Calories
142 Average HR
188 Max HR

On the 29er Singlespeed. Accompanied by Trucker & Twyla.

Twyla pushing up a steep piece of singletrack on South Yuba.

Trucker pushing up the same section.

Lunch break on South Yuba. Amazing weather!

Twyla & Trucker riding up North Bloomfield Road.

Daffodil sculpture in what was the town of North Bloomfield.

Twyla & Trucker arriving at the Missouri Bar singletrack.

Twyla coming down the South Yuba trail.

A showy Mimulus on the South Yuba trail.

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