Push Basic IV - 2 Hours - Round Mountain and South Yuba

Up Coyote Street
Down Atolia
Out Rock Creek Road
Out Hudson Way
Down Round Mountain Flume Trail
Down Purdon Road
Up Round Mountain Ranch Road
Out Trailhead Road
Down Round Mountain Trail
Down South Yuba Trail
Up Purdon Road
Up Rector Road
Up Rock Creek Road
Up Atolia Road
Down Coyote Street

15.96 Miles
2158 Feet Climbing
1:52 Hours
1515 Calories
138 Average HR
174 Max HR
67 Average Cadence

On the geared bike aiming at 70 rpm cadence. Dummy forgot to start the gps machine and missed quite a bit of miles and climbing. The blue is what was recorded. I fudged in the purple based on old data, but we did that bit too. Data also doesn't include the 6 or so miles from work to where we started. Accompanied by the Believer, Tazman, Billiam, the new guy from Moron County, and Jason Lively.

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