Hard Flat Training - 3 hours - Round Mountain

Up Cement Hill
Across Red Hill Ditch
Out Airport Ditch
Down Lake Vera Purdon
Up Flume Trail
Across Trailhead Road
Down Round Mountain Switchbacks
Down South Yuba Trail
Up Lake Vera Purdon
Up Round Mountain Ranch
Up Hudson Way
Down Flume Trail
Across Rector Road
Across Rock Creek Road
Up Atolia
Down North Bloomfield

21.66 Miles
3012 Feet Climbing
2:57 Hours
2196 Calories
135 Average HR
183 Max HR
68 Average Cadence

On hard tail race bike. We checked out the newly remodeled sections of the flume trail. Needs some rain and more traffic. Some flowers now blooming on the South Yuba Trail. Cool, clear night. Accompanied by Supergirl, Trucker and Bob-O. Oh, and did three more 3 minute (HR Zone of 173-182) intervals. Two on singletrack, one on the gravel road climb out of the river.

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